Top 10 recommended places to visit in Glasgow

Great Places to Visit in Glasgow. Glasgow, European City of Culture in 1990, and City of Architecture in 1999, has something for everyone. You'll be intrigued, challenged, and just have great days and nights out in Glasgow. Here are some of our top recommendations.....


 1          Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

You won't be disappointed by the well organised collection of great paintings by Botticelli, Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso. You'll also find suits of armour and sections on natural history.


2          The Mackintosh Collection
The highlight of the Glasgow School of Art is The Mackintosh Collection which is considered the best example of famous Glaswegian architect Rennie Mackintosh's bold style of design. Though many come to see the building itself, it also hosts varied exhibitions and often displays cutting edge works from students at the school. Don't miss the exhibit of Mackintosh's own paintings.


3         Gallery of Modern Art
This is one of the most popular art galleries in the city. Fronted by imposing Corinthian columns and housing four distinct galleries inside, each of which is devoted to an element: fire, air, earth and water.


4         Riverside Museum

Known as Britain's top transportation museum, here you'll find information about every form of transport you can think of, such as cars, bikes, buses, ships and more. Special exhibits focus on topics such as the shipbuilding industry, Glasgow's underground railway and a detailed, authentically recreated Glasgow street circa 1938.


5         Glasgow Science Centre
Scotland's leading Science attraction offers great fun, hands on science adventures and days out for all the family. Glasgow Science Centre is one of Scotland's must see visitor attractions, presenting concepts of science and technology in unique and inspiring ways. Featuring IMAX, the ultimate movie experience, with crystal clear images and wrap around digital surround sound. IMAX lets you feel like you're really there.


6         The Piping Centre
The National Piping Centre serves as the international centre of excellence for bagpipes. As a showcase for artefacts from the National Museums of Scotland, the Museum of Piping houses the most authoritative display of its kind anywhere. Already, the National Piping Centre’s collection of archival material is an internationally respected resource for serious students and musicologists.


7         The Scottish Football Museum
As one of Glasgow's Leading Attractions, the Scottish Football Museum is an ideal day out for families, avid football fans and novices eager to gain knowledge of Scottish football. With over 2500 objects on display, the museum is home to the world’s most impressive national collection of football related objects,memorabilia and ephemera.


8       Glasgow Cathedral
At first glance, you know this church has played a key role in history since medieval times. This is in fact the oldest medieval church in Scotland, founded by St. Mungo in 543 AD. It has been rebuilt several times but sections still remain from the 12th century. Outside, the Old Churchyard has a haunting medieval ambience. Inside, don't miss the carvings, memorials, or the crypt of St. Mungo in the lower church.


9       People’s Palace and Winter Gardens
This is an important stop for learning about Glasgow's unique history since 1175. Through informative art exhibits, visitors learn about the tobacco lords, industrialization, social changes, and the development of science and art.


10       House for an Art Lover
Designed by celebrated local Rennie Mackintosh, who drew the plans for the home to enter a contest in 1901, this house wasn't actually built until the mid-1990s. Several permanent exhibitions are on display in rooms such as the Music Room and the Oval Room, most showing Mackintosh's designs and some of his crafts and drawings. But the main exhibit here is the house itself, with stark contrasts, ornate metalwork, and massive doors leading to graceful balconies.